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Muxy Extension JS Library

The Muxy Extensions JS library provides easy access to Muxy's powerful backend architecture.

The extension provides four main sections of functionality: Data Storage, an Event Manager, a Twitch Client and a Google Analytics system.

Hosted Versions

Muxy hosts specific versions and latest releases at

Tagged releases (starting with 1.0.0):

Latest production release:


To build a production release of the library, simply run:

npm install
npm run build

in this directory. The complete library will be built and both minified and full versions will be placed in the dist/ folder.

Running tests

To run the full suite of tests, run:

npm run test

This will fully compile the SDK and execute all unit tests, printing the results to the console. Note that this can take several minutes to execute, especially the first time.

Building documentation

A hosted version of the documentation in this repo can be found at

The SDK documentation can be build locally by running:

npm run docs

This will generate a full suite of HTML-formatted documentation in the dist/docs/ directory. The main entry to the docs is at dist/docs/index.html