Using Without a Dev Rig

The MEDKit has built in shims that allow development of Twitch Extensions outside of the Twitch website or developer rig. This allows development to be done directly in the browser where the built in browser dev tools will be much more useful.

The SDK will automatically detect when the extension is running outside of Twitch and will fetch the proper JWTs it needs. Requests will be routed to the sandbox server and the SDK can be used the same as if it was actually running on Twitch.

The MEDKit also provides it’s own Pub/Sub system when not running on Twitch so automatic updates and events work as they would in production.

Configuring Sandbox Settings

You can dictate what sort of environment a given page is running in, by passing different debug options to the MEDKit:

const opts = new Muxy.DebuggingOptions();
opts.channelID('123456'); // The channel to simulate running on.
opts.role('broadcaster'); // The user's role ('viewer', 'broadcaster' or 'admin').
opts.userID('123456'); // The ID of the current viewer (useful to simulate multiple user actions).

  clientID: '<extension client id>'

You can read more about the debug options here.