Getting Started

In this getting started guide we will build a simple Twitch Extension. For the sake of simplicity we won’t be using any asset or JavaScript transformation pipelines (gulp, Babel, WebKit, Sass, etc.), although the Muxy SDK can easily be incorporated into any existing system.

Register a New Extension on Twitch

Create the Extension

Extensions are HTML pages that run in specific locations embedded on a Twitch page. As such, there are as many ways to create Extensions as there are to create web pages. Fortunately, the Muxy SDK works with all of them!

For an in-depth description of how to create an Extension, Twitch has some excellent guides here.

Code Samples

Throughout this documentation we use succinct code samples to illustrate a point. They will appear like this:

const opts = new Muxy.DebuggingOptions();
opts.role('viewer'); // Every sample will indicate what user role is expected

const sdk = new Muxy.SDK();
sdk.loaded().then(() => {
  console.log('MEDKit is ready to roll!');

Next Steps