The ranking endpoint allows you to send arbitrary per-user keys to the server and request a ranked response of the most popular. The keys can be any string value.

Every rank has a ‘name’, which consists of lower-case alphanumeric characters and the hyphen ‘-’ character. Every rank name is sandboxed by your identifier, so two overlay apps can have the rank ‘default’ and the ranking will not conflict.

Sending Ranks

Rank data are unique per user; a user may only have one rank entry per ‘name’. Repeated requests to the rank endpoint with the same name will change the user’s stored value.

To send a ranking for a user:

const usersFavoriteColor = 'rebeccapurple';

this.muxy.rank('favorite_color', usersFavoriteColor).then((data) => {



  "accepted": true

Get Ranking Data

To request the current user rankings for a specific rank name:

this.muxy.getRankingData('favorite_color').then((colors) => {
  if (colors.data.length > 0) {
    colors.data.forEach((color) => {
      console.log(`${color.key}: ${color.score}`);

The response has the structure:

  "data": [
    { "key": "rebeccapurple", "score": 5 },
    { "key": "arcticblue", "score": 2 },
    { "key": "olivedrab", "score": 1 }

data will be an ordered array sorted by the “score” (how many people submitted ranks for that key) for the top 100 keys.