App Configuration

Global Settings

There is a global configuration file located at src/config.json. This file holds settings for the entire rig and does not effect your app. Currently it only contains a single option.

  "testing_channel": "126955211"
Field Required Description
testing_channel Yes the Twitch Channel ID to load in the embedded player

App Settings

Your app must first be configured by editing the json file located in src/<app id>/config.json. This file defines the name and appearance of your app in the side toolbar, as well as how your app’s window appears.

An app is identified by its id field. This is a string which you provide and can be any combination of lowercase letters, numbers and underscores. We use the convention of <company_name>_<app_name> to avoid collision.

Once you have decided on an id for your app, navigate to and create a new overlay app. This will allow the automatic sandbox credentials to work for your extension.

  "id": "muxy_toast_demo",
  "name": "Toast Popup Demo",
  "icon": "assets/images/logo.svg",
  "viewer": "ToastDemo",
  "config": "ToastDemoConfig",
  "live": "ToastDemoLive",
  "broadcaster_whitelist": ["126955211", "89319907"],
  "window": {
    "type": "movable"
Field Required Description
id Yes a unique string identifier for your app
name Yes a short string name for your app
icon Yes a path to the white silhouette version of your toolbar icon
viewer Yes a path to the vue component file for your viewer app
config No if you have an associated broadcaster config app, the path to that vue component file
live No if you have an associated broadcaster live app, the path to that vue component file
broadcaster_whitelist No a list of channel ids to limit your app’s installable access
window No an object describing the containing window for your app